Where Did Yogi Come From?

Geo. McCalip created the first graphic now known as Yogi (officially registered with the Copyright Office as "Zen Master Yogi") in January 2007. We'll let Geo. tell you the rest of the story: Yogi

When I got a new phone, I wanted a fun wallpaper for it. Looking through my graphics files I came across Yogi. A few minutes later Yogi had taken up residence on my phone.

Occasionally other people would see Yogi and say how much they liked the design. I knew I should do something with Yogi, I just wasn't sure what.

After living with Yogi on my phone for a few months, I realized that I really liked the wallpaper, in large part, because Yogi reminded me of the person I am and can be.

Given this realization, I decided to share Yogi with the world; hence this site and the Cafe Press shop where you can purchase Yogi gear.

Many of the sayings on Yogi wear are observations that Geo. has made over the years. If you have a short saying that you believe fits the Yogi spirit, and would like to see it on a T-shirt, Check the Does Yogi know...? page.