Yogi Does Yogi Know...?

Has your inner Yogi spoken to you? Do you have a saying you think is worthy of being on a Yogi Knowz T-shirt, something that reflects the Yogi spirit?

  • Is it fun?
  • Is it insightful?
  • Does it have a touch of humor and/or irony?
  • Is it reasonably tasteful?
  • Is it a positive message?
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If we use your idea, you get credit on the web site and a shirt with your saying.

We cannot use copyrighted material except when submitted by the copyright holder.

In case of duplicate submissions, T-shirt goes to first submitted as determined by time stamps on submissions.

Thanks to spammers we have been temporarily forced to discontintue the submissions.

By submitting this idea you are certifying that you have the right to use it (i.e., it is not covered by a copyright, or you hold the copyright) and you are granting yogiknowz.com and Geo. McCalip the right to use the idea on merchandise to be sold on Yogi Knowz merchandise.

Should yogiknowz.com and Geo. McCalip choose to use the idea, your remuneration shall consist of one T-shirt with the idea on it. You will also receive credit for the idea on the web site selling the merchandise.